10 Social Media Content Creation Tools You Can’t Live Without

Best content creation tools for social media

Without putting too much strain on your budget and with possible benefits aplenty, B2B social media content is important for driving exposure to business that will lead to conversion of more leads.

Giving the importance of content in a highly competitive space like social media, it’s by way of having tools to research, create and organize your content plan that you can thrive.

B2B businesses that enjoy everlasting presence on social media know why they should prioritize content creation for every business objective they set. Considering nearly half of millenials (18- to 49- year-olds) turn to online media as first source of news and other information?

Without the help of content creation agency, it can be hard to meet these objectives for your business customers.
Content creation tools can save your day by filling the void in your business, optimizing your social campaigns, and streamlining the process that leads to conversions. More importantly, they help save time.

So I’ve been collecting some of the best tools that make me a better content marketer on social media, here’s what I’ve had gathered in my marketing arsenal.


If the knowledge of what people are sharing on social media is any thing to go by in coming up with ideas to refine your content strategy, then look no further than BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo is an app that makes finding content that is popular on social media as easy as typing up the keyword or the domain you want to search something on. Once you input your query, this tool will start showing you tons of content that are associated with the keyword with their respective share counts, the content with the most share count will be at the top, followed by the next popular content and so on.

You can click on any content to view the sharers of it on social media as well as its backlink sources. This can help you in case you want to do some influencer outreach to promote your content. However, you must have a BuzzSumo’s pro plan to be able to see these data.

Tip: However, if you must view content sharers without having to upgrade your plan, you can copy the link of the content and paste it on social media to see the users who shared it to the platform. For instance, here are those sharing “12 Unusual Productivity Hacks to Help You Write Faster” when I pasted the link on Twitter.

Try BuzzSumo’s pro plan for 7 days to see all of its amazing features and how it can help improve your content strategy.

BuzzSumo can also help you in the area of competition analysis. Simply type in the domain of your business competitor to find out what they are sharing on social media.


Trusted by millions of people in the content space, Evernote app is a premier note taker that can help transform your content marketing experience with blistering speed.

What else can I say if not to try it yourself. From taking notes – which can be anything, such as text, screenshots, bookmarks, or recordings – to organizing them with tags so that you can easily find them later, and syncing your notes across multiple platforms (mobile, desktop and tablet), Evernote is everything that you need to organize your life in the content creation process.

With Add-ons like Web Clipper, you can easily clip a note to your Evernote account with a single tap while browsing through the web pages, giving you access to a pool of information you can inspire your next content from.

The most exciting part of this tool, however, is its annotation feature. Once you pick up content for social sharing, you can add some visual call-outs to emphasize important areas in the content to make sure they are visible to users.



Without help from in-house team to shun out content on a consistent basis, content marketing can be almost impossible for graphic designers.

Even if you can come up with ideas for new content in a jiffy, it actually takes some time to put them into graphic form for sharing on social media.

Consistency is key if you want to drive results for your business on social media, and that’s why Snappa as a graphic design service is built to emphasize speed.

From a bevy of pre-designed templates, simply choose your design to customize it in a jiffy. And if you want to create your graphic for the sole purpose of promoting via a specific social media platform, Snappa’s array of image dimensions and formats have you covered: Facebook post, Twitter post, Facebook cover photo, Twitter header, LinkedIn post, Pinterest pin, YouTube thumbnail, Email header, Infographic, Blog featured image, and much more.

Once the graphic is ready, you can also resize the dimensions to repurpose for other social media platforms, for examples, you can turn your Twitter header into a Facebook cover, your Instagram post into a Pinterest pin, or a Facebook ad into a billboard ad.

All this happens in less than 5 minutes to begin sharing your graphic on social media.


Gifs have been at the helm of online interactions for a decade, to convey meanings in the most interactive and relatable way, and to foster engagement with a business.

The social media gifs have only been recent adoptions but they constitute the lion share of the gifts market. Even the more exclusive social networks like LinkedIn has its own business-themed gifs you can spark an inspiration from.

Everybody loves gifs. The challenge, however, is to create gifs that will be matched to specific business implementations. That is the problem Giphy is trying to solve.

Giphy is a tool that lets you solve the number-one problem faced by gif users, which is finding the gifs to incorporate into their business. All it takes is to input your query in the search box at the top, and you will come up with thousands of gifs related to that keyword, ready for repurposing for your business.

Giphy also allows you to upload gifs of your own or create new gifs from scratch. To create a gif, simply upload a series of pictures and add some text, and voila your gif is ready in seconds. Whether that’s to showcase your brand in style, create explainer video about your product, or make tutorials for users, you can create multiple gifs to tell your brand story.


Representing your brand in visuals is a big leverage for your business on social media. Custom images, stock photos, graphics are some of best performing visual content on social media, making Crello, a graphic design tool, a must-have for any content creator.

Creating your graphics with Crello is as simple as picking a template you want to customize with Crello Editor. 65 million stock photos, 12,000+ design templates, 240 fonts, 33 formats are among the design elements you are empowered to customize with this tool.

Once you decide on your design element for social media, you can choose from a host of pre-designed templates that are a perfect fit. In other words, you can choose to create your graphic for whether you want to promote it using a Facebook post, Facebook cover photo, Twitter header, Tweet image, Pinterest pin, or Instagram post.

Most stock photos and design templates on Crello are pre-made, so you are sure to get an optimized experience for your creatives on social media. You can choose from free stock photos in their library or pay $0.99USD to use a premium stock photo as long as you want.

Tip: once you begin your search for designs through Crello’s Inspiration Page, you can get an inspirational view of stock photos to customize for your business using Crello Editor.

Word Swag

If you often share quotes or visual content that contains text on social media, you will love what Word Swag will do for you. “Word Swag magically turns your words into beautiful photo text designs.”

With their “Typomatic” type engine, Word Swag selects the super stylish font and layout combinations to make your text look great on images, – you only need to type it out. Word Swag also generates the freshest and new designs each time you use it.

You can select your design from over 590,000 free backgrounds, 41 graphic font styles and 22 image filters, and watch Word Swag turn it into a beautiful photo text for your fun time sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

With eye-catching fonts and layouts that are made possible with this tool, you can create your own super stylish quotes in few seconds, make graphics for your blog with a couple of clicks, and design your own photo text even before you’re ready to post it on social media.


We’ve talked about Gifs, now we dived in the world of animated videos.
Video animations are the most effective way to tell your brand stories that your business prospects can relate to.

If you consider videos as a powerful marketing tool for your business, then consider animated videos as “brand effective” tools.

For most brands, the animated video is something they will like to have incorporated into their content strategy. The biggest hurdle, however, is how to come up with animated videos that will tell their brand story best.

If you fall in the category of these brands, then Wideo is the missing puzzle that you need to up your brand strategy and fill the void.

Creating engaging explainer videos, astute presentations, and internal communication videos has never been easy.

You can choose from over 80 video templates from Wideo library to make your video presentation a done-for-all in every aspect of your brand you want to tell a story of.

All you need to do is to keep editing the templates and customizing them as you want for your business, and you’re done in few minutes to share your video to social media or anywhere else that might be useful.


In a world full of shake-ups in content – when one content is taking a downward trajectory, another one picks up the momentum – it’s good to have a diversified content plan.

While infographics has had its prime moments, the impact of having your data visualized in a comprehensive and presentable structure is still unmatchable.

When it comes to creating infographics with purposeful intent to present your ideas and facts in structural and illustrative formats, Venngage comes first among the best.

Creating your infographics is a matter of how much you love the templates they have pre-designed to finish it off – they have over one hundred infographic templates you can choose from.

Which means, you can create infographics for practically any topics that crave your interest without much effort on your part.


Quite much like what it says, this tool is an inspiration for anyone who wants to come up with ideas to express their thoughts in visuals in a colorful and visually stunning way.

Searching for a new image to design with this tool is as easy and fast as it can get

When you use Designspiration’s paintbrush and color picker to search for images, then you will know there is a power in this tool. By searching for designs, make sure you pick up to five colors to get enough combination like this one.

Designspiration’s “popular” and “random” images are also a huge source of inspiration to inspire for the next design.


Phrase Generator

Quotes are the emblem of value and thoughtfulness on social media, and they are on the rise. Using quotes can help expedite your content creation process without putting strains on your budget.

We’ve talked about how to put quotes on images using “WordSwag,” but we also need to be able to come up with quotes on a regular basis to make this strategy effective.

Even if you can pick through the works of other marketers in your niche for highly valuable and motivational quotes, that could only help you for few weeks. After then, you’ll run out of fuel without much content to share.

While fairly rudimentary looking, PhraseGenerator lets you mine political, financial and motivational headlines, and even academic quotes, to surface to your social audience.

Once you click on any topic of interest of your choice, you can randomize on that as many times as you want to generate freshest phrases or sentences to add to your social media campaign.

And that is it, 10 content creation tools to supercharge your social media creatives. However, there’re many other tools you can research on your own depending on what works best for you, these are the tools I’ve found more useful than many others. Let’s hear your story about your experience with creating content for social media, and the tools that have helped in the process.

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