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How to Become a Guest Blogger for

Guest Posting Opportunities at Socialmediaverve

As you are passionate about digital marketing and want to pursue your passion, you would find that there are three methods that are often ideal:

You can create your audience to market to by starting your blog from scratch, or you can add value to existing blogs of other bloggers by becoming a guest blogger, or you can be both together.


Being a guest blogger is a fastest way of jump-starting your digital marketing career as guest blogging equips you with the necessary advantages to market yourself as you want, and this to an existing audience that wants to hear from you.

Guest blogging is also a form of marketing that amplifies your SEO performance in search engines like Google.

At, we hope to provide a platform through which you can share your experience to the world.

Being a guest blogger at Socialmediaverve is quite an easy and straightforward process by following the simple steps as described below. is a site focused on helping businesses with developing strategy to gain online visibility using social media, blogging, visual creators and SEO.

Or you can use the help of a search engine expert to get things done for yourself quickly

As you may have known that content is important to this strategy in ramping up your search visibility as an internet based business. So we’ve developed our content plan based around the following topics that will help reach out to our target audience:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Blog Writing
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Email marketing
  • PPC Ads
  • Web Traffic
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing.

In order to produce a detailed content on any of the above topics, we expect the content to be written in an intermediate- or -advanced level. That is the content must show the expertise of the author on the said topics.

Here are the other things you should note in submitting a guest post to

The post must be formatted in line with other content on the site (that is your post must have clear subheadings with the paragraphs well spaced out) and must be written to a near perfect English. The use of Grammarly is highly recommended for fixing spelling mistakes and grammatical structures.

Posts must be long form, – it must not be less than 1,200 words in length.

You should endeavor to add images to your post as a guest author, which can be any of forms of visuals like custom images (created by a professional graphic designer), stock photos, screenshots, creative commons with attribution, screencast, videos, and infographics.

Note: the cover photo can be in form of custom image created by you, or a relevant stock photo.

Posts must be original. That is it must not have been published elsewhere before submitting to (No spun content or auto-generated article is welcome).

Tip: make a detailed post on any topic and input some visual data to make your approval easy.

Guest posts should not contain excessive self promotion, affiliate links, or any links directly asking readers to make a purchase (or to a sales page). You will have the opportunity to link to your external pages in your author bio or where that are relevant in the post body.

Post authors are enjoined to participate in comment discussions on their post for up to two weeks to respond to any questions on the comment section.

Post authors are also advised to promote their posts on social media and anywhere necessary to improve the exposure among target audience.

Your right, my right

As a post author, you retain the copyright ownership of your post, while as editor, I can make edits on your post, such as editing or removing the parts that are not in compliance with the site guidelines or the guideline for guest authors as written above. I also reserve the right of making on-page changes on the post if that will help to improve the SEO, or adding my editor’s note above or below the post.

The process

  1. You will start by filling a Guest Posting Request Form which takes about a minute or so
    • Please Note: All guest posting requests should come through this form as I will not respond to any request that bypasses the guidelines specified in the form.
  2. I will review your form submission and get back to you within 72 hours, it can be earlier.
  3. If your request is accepted, I’ll use the information provided in your form to create a WordPress account for you to publish your post.

Please note that we are now accepting a guest post request from guest authors without a WordPress account since we have moved the site from a multi-author to a single-author. So kindly submit your guest posting request through our contact page

Thank you for your time and interest!