Twitter SEO Tips: How to Use Twitter to Gain Exposure for Your Business in Searches

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In so many ways can Internet marketers bring life into their businesses just by spending a little bit more hours on Twitter per day. With a decent ton of followers for your niche Twitter account, you can be certain to build a meaningful traffic to those products and services you want people to know about. You can promote your business in full public glare if you’re knowledgeable about how to use Twitter trending topics in your tweets. But there are many more ways your online business can benefit from twitter, especially if you own a blog.

This article will discuss how to use Twitter to increase traffic to your blog. What this really means is that you can optimize your Twitter account for searches on both twitter and search engines, which will then translate to increased visibility for your site.

First of all, you will need to pick out the most important keywords your site is ranked for. These should be keywords that are most frequently used on your site and are being placed in the key areas like the Title, URL and Meta description of your site. Because these are the areas that show up in search engines when a search is performed, so they have to contain the words that match or are similar to the query being used by searchers for your website to appear in the Google search results. The anatomy of the search engine results below shows the three key areas of your website, one of which must contain the keyword or query being used for your site to show up in the results:

twitter SEO tips

Now that you know your keywords, you need to place them in the right places on your twitter account. Though your tweets command a greater SEO value since Google began crawling and indexing them, but you will need a keywords-nurtured account to keep your relevancy score high for searches.


Improving your Twitter SEO

Let’s take a look at how results for a search on Twitter are shown in the search engine.These are the results for the query “books on twitter” in Google:

twitter SEO tips

Just like in the search results for websites, your Twitter name and Username stand in as Title, the URL is represented by your unique Twitter’s URL (for example,, and here is a surprise, instead of using Twitter bio, Google pulls one of their latest tweets, along with number of tweets, number of photos and videos, and the number of followers as meta description. You can see that all the profiles in the search results have keyword match in their Twitter name or Username with the search query.

What this means is that you need to optimize at least one of your Twitter name and Username with a keyword you want people to use to find your account. Means, the keyword or query being used by searcher has to match one of these areas in your profile for it to appear in Google search, especially, in the first page results.

Avoid using a lot of numbers in your Username for Google may flag it as spam

You can see that Tweets dominate most of the meta descriptions in the search results. So when you’re tweeting, make sure your keywords are included and hashtagged appropriately as well. For instance, instead of saying, social media marketing, you could say #SocialMediaMarketing. You can even do this for a longer phrase just by starting each word with a capital letter: #HowToUseSocialMediaForMarketing.

Try to optimize your profile picture as well, you can do this by using your keywords in the filename of your picture, for instance, if your keywords is “Social Media Marketing”, you can rename your profile picture “social-media-marketing.jpeg” without the quotes (that’s using the hyphen to join them together). The ideal photo size should be exactly 200 by 200 pixels to make for optimal loading time. Your bio also is an important area to include your keywords, though this place doesn’t show up in Google’s search results, it’s important for long-term searchability.

Your bio is not only a place to include your keywords but also your site’s link. The link in bio carries the heaviest SEO weight of all links in your twitter account, so you want it pointed to your site’s homepage or anywhere else you deem more important than that. Your bio is meant to tell people what to expect from you, what you are currently tweeting about and your general business niche – let people be clear about these with concise words. Twitter allows a maximum of 160 characters in this section, make the best use of them.

Let’s take a look at how results are displayed in Twitter search. These are the results for search on a keyword “books” on Twitter. You can get to the page below by typing “books” in the Twitter search box, and from the drop-down list, click on the exact query with a magnifying glass at the bottom (where it says search all people). This will take you to the page below. Now click on the “Accounts” tab on the advanced Twitter search page:

twitter SEO tips

Unlike Google search results, profiles without keyword or query in their Twitter names or Usernames show up in search results. “Goodreads”, for instance, only has books written in their Twitter bio, and since it’s a site for readers and book recommendations, it was able to come top in search results. You will find other profiles like this if you scroll down the results. What this means is that your Twitter profile only needs to be related to the keyword or has it in bio to appear in search results on Twitter. But you may want to include the keyword in either of your Twitter name or Username to further improve your Twitter SEO.


Backlinks also matter on Twitter

As your twitter account is linked to your site, you should also link back to your account to enable this mutual SEO love between the two. Do this too anytime you have the chance in your blog posts and other platforms. Make sure you link to your twitter account across other social networks you are in. LinkedIn lets you install one or two applications for your profile on the platform, use Twitter in one of the application tabs. Get to link to your twitter account any time you share information with people, in your emails, newsletters, testimonials, etc.

To further increase visibility for your Twitter account and get more links to it

You can place a Google’s Markup Code on your website. With this code, you can specify your preferred social accounts to include in search results for your website. This will appear in the Google knowledge panel to the right of the search results as below.

twitter SEO tips

You can get this code from Google developer site and easily embed it on your site. Aside Twitter, other social profiles you can specify are, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Myspace, SoundCloud, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Be sure to also submit your Twitter profile to a number of Twitter directories to get it found and gain more followers. Some of the top directories are WeFollow, Twellow, Twibes, etc.


Be consistent in your branding

Let your Twitter handle and Username match your website and brand name. Doing it across all other social platforms will help boost your chances of being found online. It’s a great branding if someone who got to know your business through Twitter could easily get the idea of your Website’s address – even if you haven’t linked to it – from your Twitter handle or Username, and it’s the same with all of your profiles across other social channels. Sometimes, you may have reasons to omit your site’s link from your Twitter profile, maybe when you’re promoting an important event with your account or something. In the meantime, prospects who found your Twitter account may like to proceed for more information on your website. If you have done a good job in your branding, a simple type of your Twitter handle or Username in the search engine would have your website popped up instantly.


Important additions

Now that you know where to optimize in your Twitter profile to get found in searches: where to place your keywords, as well as your Site’s link. There is also a place you will want to include either of these two (keywords or Website address) to improve your Twitter SEO even further or get people to quickly find your website. This is the Location box.
Unless your Twitter account is meant to serve a local business, having to fill in your Location on Twitter is a waste of important space to me. You can put in your keyword in this area, but I will recommend Website Address instead, depending on your business (if your Twitter goal is to send traffic to your site). You will discover that a Location where someone has specified always appears just below their Username when you look up their profile on Twitter even when other parts of their Twitter profile are already trimmed off, their Location will remain stuck right beneath their Username. I think this is a real estate to further improve your site visibility. Having a non-clickable website address here (for example, would at least catch many sights of people seeing your Twitter account.

That’s it


Now your turn?

What about you? How has your business benefited from Twitter? What are other Twitter SEO tips you’re conversant with? Care to share your experience, idea, or ask any question, let’s do it in the comment below.

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