Video Marketing: How to Create a Compelling Video Sales Funnel With Social Media

how to create a video sales funnel using social media

The expanding reach and connectivity of digital videos have evoked transformative changes in how marketers communicate with their audience.

There has been some paradigm shift towards visual content over the last five years. You can attract an audience with written content, but the major driver that sways customers into taking a decision is a powerful visual, preferably video, that has been crafted into the mix to illuminate the cohesive voice in your content strategy.

Garry Vaynerchuck built a multi-million dollar wine business out of video marketing, he has this to say about using videos to sell on social.

The single most important content marketing strategy today is video. Whether it’s video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or YouTube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video. Period.

That affirms some of the facts that Facebook, like other major platforms, has been jiggling its platform lately to give prominence to videos over other content formats in its news feed, particularly native videos.

Coupled the ever-growing community on YouTube…

You can say the future of marketing is written bold and clear in videos.

Well, that is not to undermine the fact that marketing has always been an affair shrouded in media and publicity.

The widening adoption of videos has only reaffirmed that fact in digital space.

We can look forward to the next five years with the assumption that digital videos will continue to gain steams among social and digital consumers, as per eMarketer.


The key revelation from this research is that despite Facebook’s 4 billion video streams per day, over 430,000,000 hours worth of video uploaded to YouTube per day, more than 2 billion video views a day on Snapchat, digital video ad spend is still very much in its infancy and is expected to grow at annual double-digit rate to $16.69 billion by 2020 from the current $9.84 billion market.

There is still a lot of room to explore, this says. And looking at the number through 2020 and even beyond, video consumption can only continue to grow. As a matter of fact, video marketing in some niches is still very much a novelty strategy.

With the personalisation provided in the later stages of consumer journey, videos can give marketers the ability to route their customers through the right funnel.

And leveraging the improved functionality in the now visually savvy social media, marketers can create videos sales funnel using these channels as traffic drivers.

Let’s see how


Create a video around a story, …let the pitch flow naturally

The express access provided by videos can be too tempting to jump right on your audience’s neck and start telling them why they should buy your product. But believe me, you will miss the opportunity to smash the key message with them, and for a number of reasons.

A salesy first impression will give away the rest of your video as a pitch. Viewers have probably seen enough of sales videos promoting the same product or similar ones as yours.


Make your video compelling by telling a story your viewers can relate to. Often, this story needs to picture a common reality of your audience and problems they are looking to solve. For instance, a company that wants to pitch a nutritional formula product to people can simply create a sales video based on the common health problems that people face and how to keep their diet in check.

People generally respond to such because it triggers the feeling that their problems are being addressed and solved.

Take a look at this video by Vemma, an energy drink company, using the daily experiences of their customers to pique their interest.


Of course, only a few things appeal to a consumer who has gone through a hectic day more than what would bring some new energy and refreshment into his tired bones, in this case, Vemma’s Verve.

It’s a simple marketing tactic used by many brands today but still very effective, depending on how the story is built around the sale.

And given that 62 percent of your consumers say they experience a perception shift after watching a brand’s video, then there is no better place to get to the grit of the tale in your marketing than video.


The Intro is everything

20 percent of video viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds or less.

Heck, that’s a lot, you say! And the number only gets worse from that point on as 60 percent will click away in 1 minute or less.

But, why?

It is because you only have two seconds to catch the attention of viewers in a sales video, and that even gets tougher in pulling more firepower to keep them glued to the video for a few more seconds.

Going by another stat, most viewers firstly click on a video just to have a glimpse of what’s in it not to commit their time to watch it to the end.

For obvious reasons, people prefer a personalized and explainer video when consuming content to make a purchase online.

But if they opt out after a few seconds of watching your video, then you should take steps to improve the content in the video, particularly the intro.

Here are a few tips to kill your video intro:

  • Use graphics – Perhaps, this is the first step, telling a story using graphics is already powerful, but putting graphics in motion will just make things even more so. You can help put your video in perspective for viewers by telling a quick story using graphics.
  • Have movement in 2 seconds or less – Particularly good for Facebook’s autoplay.
  • Lighten up, don’t be boring – As obvious as this is, many are still missing it. Much as your audience wants to be informed, they also want to be entertained.
  • Manage expectations – You should answer the “why should I watch it?” question from your viewers as quickly as possible. Create a teaser, ask a question about a problem they are facing with a possible answer they can find in the rest of the video. Anything to spark their curiosity would be good here.
  • Keep it short, sweet, and to the point – As rightly proven, people would rather stay on to watch shorter videos to the end than long shots. The Vemma’s video example was recorded for less than 4 minutes (3 minutes 33 seconds) despite capturing nearly everything about the company. Keep it short and simple is a new rule in marketing!


Don’t forget to sell

While you don’t want to make your video overly about selling, you should also be strategic in telling people what to do afterward.

Two minutes in (depending on the length of your video, though, say 4 minutes), viewers should be able to understand who the video is addressed to and what is expected of them after watching it. Provide a Call to Action alongside a link to your landing page where they can get your offer.

I talk more about the landing page below and a tool to create one for this type of sales funnel.


Optimize for search – tag it up

The idea of being found in search engines isn’t out of the table despite this being a social strategy to drive visitors to your sales page. If you are promoting on YouTube, a fleshy description could tell Google what the video is about and to further improve its search performance.

When you embed it on your page, you also want to write a few texts around it to help search engines make sense of the video, since a sales page with a video gets 800 percent more conversions.

Google has provided a nifty resource to easily create a video sitemap for your site. Also, you want to add the markup code to your HTML to tell search engines about the specific elements on your page (name, description, thumbnailURL, contentURL, embedURL, etc.)

Now that you have your video ready for promotion on social channels and search engines, it’s time to put it to work.

Select the channel that’s best suited for the audience you’re trying to reach. If brand awareness is your primary focus, Facebook has more than enough space to spread your name to its wide spectrum of users. You don’t need all the 1.6 billion on Facebook to achieve this, you can narrow down to a specific audience leveraging powerful targeting in its advertising ecosystem.

For example, let’s say you run a Candy store which you’re trying to promote through your video, after uploading natively to Facebook (that’s you upload the video directly from your local drive without adding a video link to a third-party service like YouTube, since this tends to perform better in its news feed), you can spend some money on ad to promote the video to people who 1) love candy 2) live in your area 3) have kids 4) even with an average household income of $10,000 or above, ensuring your ad is served to people who are most likely to make commitments after going through your funnel.

The powerful one is the retargeting feature, the fact that they have clicked on your ad, watched the video or visited your landing page shows they are interested in your offering. This is by installing Facebook pixel on your website (you can create a powerful landing page for this purpose using a tool like Instapage).

Note: If you upgrade to a premium Instapage account before 28 November having signed up through this link, you’re entitled to their Cyber Monday 30 percent discount on your purchase for the next three months.

Then set up a retargeting for viewers who have visited your page but didn’t make a purchase. This time the ad will be shown to only people who have seen the first one but didn’t take any action on your landing page.

It is a great optimizing for your budget considering that you’re focusing on people who are already familiar with your business, leveraging what experts called frequency illusion; when your product ad is repeatedly shown to consumers, they gradually become accustomed to your brand and would be more likely to purchase from you than similar businesses. This is especially powerful considering that eCommerce shopping cart abandonment rate is on the rise 68.63 percent.

On YouTube, a skippable TrueView ad could tell how much interest people have shown in your video having watched for a particular time (5 seconds) without skipping. Then you can create remarketing campaigns based on whether or not viewers skipped the ad.



Cross-promote on different channels

Now that you have set up your funnel in the two video heavyweights, YouTube and Facebook, it’s time to cross-promote to other channels to spread your reach farther and higher.

You may need to repurpose to shorter videos to do this on other platforms. For example, you can record for less than 30 seconds on Twitter taking the screenshots in the video and repurpose into slides, then add a link for viewers to watch the full video on your page.

Instagram allows a maximum of 60 seconds but if you keep your video down to 30 seconds, you can cross-promote to Twitter and Facebook with two taps of a button. Tools like Flipagram and Boomerang are used to compile a series of photos into a short video on Instagram.

Facebook Live can be a great way to keep conversation ongoing with potential customers and answer ensuing questions in a personal and authentic way.

Also, don’t forget the exposure that newer generation video tools like Snapchat, Periscope, and Blab bring by adding them into your cross-promotion.

Periscope automatic integration with Twitter means your live broadcast will be visible directly inside tweets. Blab shows give you a real estate in form of a chat box to input CTAs to your landing pages right from within the app. Snapchat stories disappear after viewing for 24 hours so your audience will have to be on hand to get your first-hand information on the app.

You can record and upload your Blab shows to YouTube to further promote on the platform. If you keep your broadcast on Periscope down to 20 minutes or less, you can also share that to Facebook.

You can see how each of these video tools provides room for cross-promotion, either directly or indirectly by repurposing into shorter forms.

This allows you to maximize your investment in making the video by leveraging exposure on each of these ends. Keep in mind that you also need to host your video on your own domain by uploading to your page to derive maximum SEO value from it.

That’s it,

What kind of sales funnel works best for you on social media? Have you tried using a video sales funnel before, what are the impacts? Please share your experience in the comment box below.

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